Our Investment Philosophy

At Rosebridge Asset Management we believe the key to building innovative investment solutions is by working in collaboration with renowned global investment specialists, who have the same ethos and investment philosophy.

Start with the end in mind

At Rosebridge Asset Management, we believe investors should have access to investment solutions that ideally provide them with the best outcomes for a given level of risk.

Our five active and five passive risk rated investment solutions share the same simple foundation, namely, they are globally diversified with no specific home-bias to the UK or any other country or region, which enables us to focus on finding the best possible returns, whether at home or overseas.

Risk and return – an age old relationship

Volatility can provoke strong emotions. Many investors make impulsive decisions when markets fall, while others become paralysed, unable to make even the simplest of investment decisions, such as rebalancing a portfolio when necessary.

In collaboration with our renowned global investment specialists , we have placed equal emphasis upon the drivers for both risk and return when developing our investment solutions.

Whilst we cannot eliminate the emotions volatility may cause, this strategy together with our active approach to asset allocation and portfolio rebalancing, aims to mitigate volatility and the negative feelings it can cause and thereby cater to a broad range of investors.